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Common Issues

Most all issues with StoreManager are caused by Data issues. These can happen if your system shuts down incorrectly for any reason. Some of the ways to help with this is to have a battery backup and scheduled your updates and virus scans at night when the system is not in use. Fixing Data Issue's
Reboot the PC.
Run the System Utility.
It can be found under your start menu, All programs or All Apps
For windows XP, click on start, programs, stoneware, system utility.
For windows Vista and Seven , click on start, All Programs, Stoneware, system utility.
For windows 8.1 hit your windows key to return to your start page. Just type System Utility. You will see it pop up on the right side. Click on System Utility.
For windows 10. Click on Start, All Apps, Stoneware, System Utility.

Once the system utility is open, Enter your password. This is a maintenance password that you can get from your software administrator or StoreManager support.
In the section on the left side that says "Check and Repair Tables", click on the drop down and choose the first option "All Tables".
Click the repair button.
The utility will run and repair / re-index your files. This fixes almost all issues. During the repair, you may receive a message that tells you table Junk is still damaged. If you get this, just click OK. The junk table is not repairable and is not used by your system. Once the utility says "communication table status OK" at the bottom, run StoreManager as normal. Should you experience issues beyond this, Please contact support.

If your box in the bottom right corner of StoreManager is black, this means you are not talking to the master computer. To get around this, click on File, then Part Time. Your box will turn yellow. Now you can use the systme util you can reach support for more assistance.

Contacting Support

The best way is always by phone.
You can reach us during business hours at (303) 424-8636.
With our follow me number, someone should almost always be available.
After hours support is available for emergencies or by appointment.
You can also text us at the above number, however, text messages my not be noticed for some time.
Of course you can e-mail us at mailto:// If you do e-mail us. please give a complete description of the issue so we can try and resolve it in a response.

Help with Virus and Spyware

We get may request about virus's and spyware. Here is some of our favorite software to help with this issue. Keep in mind that support for the following comes from the software maker.
We recommend Norton's Internet Security for your system protection
Norton Bootable Recovery Tool if your system wont boot and you suspect a virus.
Kaspersky Rescue CD version 10 is another good option for system recovery in case of a virus.
Hitman Pro works well for many issues related to virus and spyware.
Super Anti Spyware
Microsoft Security Website for information and help recovering windows.
CCleaner Clean up tool