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StoreManager Sales On-Site
StoreManager on-site is designed for Cooperate and Team sales reps who need to have access to vendor and customer information while on-site.

It's purpose is to provide most of the tools needed while in the field. Providing a simple to use , touch friendly interface. Each tool in StoreManager On-Site is displayed in a easy to use, tabbed interface. All the features we provide will be in this one interface allow you to quickly move between features. Here are a list of the major features.
  • Access links to vendor websites in your favorite browser or using simple tabbed interface.
  • Vendor catalogs stored on your device to be right at your finger tips.
  • Quick links to needed websites and cloud services
  • Reports for open orders and past invoicing
  • Access to inventory with sales and purchase history
  • Create Write ups
  • Simple drawing program to create mock ups of embellishments
  • Built in Spread Sheet, Word Processor, Scheduler and PDF Viewer

  • StoreManager On-Site March 2017 release
    You will need a password to install this version. Please check with your systems administator or contact sport at (303) 424-8636.
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    General fixes and clean up were implemented in this version.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Is StoreManager On-Site a replacement for StoreManager Sales Management System

No, It's an add-on to the main program. You do not need to use the core of StoreManager to use this software, however, you do need to have int installed.

Can we use the program if we don't own StoreManager

Yes, you can use portions of this system. You will be limited to Documents, Catalogs and Websites. Which is a great benefit by it's self. Contact us for more information.

Do I need Microsoft Office or Open Office to open my files?

No. We have included a Word Processor, Spreadsheet and Scheduler for your convenience. These are not as full featured as your commercial products. However, you should find them adequate for almost all your needs.

Where can I get documentation

StoreManager On-Site is a fairly simple program if your trained on the core StoreManger. If not, contact us to setup a webinar for you. We have included documentation in the program for the basic operation. These manuals cover the PDF Viewer, Editor, Scheduler and Spreadsheet.