Stoneware Systems

Our mission is to provide quality products and service to our customers so that they can focus on their business!
Stoneware Systems is a Colorado company based out of Commerce City, CO. Stoneware's mission is to develop high quality desktop and enterprise applications. We also perform other services and carry a full line of computer and networking products.
Commercial on-site service for local businesses
Re-seller of Point of Sale hardware, software, and supplies
Install and service StoreManager Inventory Control and Sales Management System.

We offer custom software services. Our past solutions cover just about every type of industry from Casion operations, Slot Machine prototyping, Manufacturing and much much more.
When you use our product, your not just getting software, your getting a complete support team. Stoneware can take care of any issue that directly or indirectly related to the software we develop for you. This means that if you get a virus, we will help. If you get a new printer, we will help. Want to setup Wireless for StoreManager, we will help. No other software vendor will do this. We do this to insure that your systems are running correctly. You won't hear, Call the other guy, it's not our problem. If your system runs correctly, then our software will run correctly. Only if we are unable to resonably assist you will we recommend an alternative solution.

We have no privacy policy! We do not belive in sharing personal data of any kind.